same ocean, different boats
6/13 – Same Ocean, Different Boats

5:164 – Same Ocean, Different Boats #faithbites #faithjourney ocean Intro Have you ever heard or said the phrase, “We’re all in the same boat?” I used to say that a lot. The intent is that […] Read More

5/15 – A doctor cares, heals, and makes change

5:135 – A doctor cares, heals, and makes change #faithbites #faithjourney #CarleIllinois doctor Intro Today was the first commencement for the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. What started as a dream over 8 years ago, […] Read More

it's kingdom time
5/3 – It’s Kingdom time

5:123 – It’s Kingdom time #faithbites #faithjourney kingdom Intro Today at work, I walked in on a conversation about God, his kingdom, and how we need to change how we are acting. The conversation changed […] Read More

4/20 – Writing is powerful

5 :110 – Writing is powerful #faithbites #faithjourney writing Intro Over the past several months, my eldest and her friend, wrote a book together in our schools Young Author’s programs. They worked hard, shared ideas, […] Read More

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on letting yesterday be yesterday
4/5 – Fresh start every day

5:95 – Fresh start every day #faithbites #faithjourney Intro We all make mistakes. Some big, some small, all not what we wanted to happen. I often wonder what would have happened if I did something […] Read More

3/27 – Did you miss the mark?

5:86 – Did you miss the mark? #faithbites #faithjourney mark. Intro We talk alot about making mistakes and messing up. Some people call that sin others don’t. Today I learn the real definition of sin. […] Read More

3/24 – Respite

5:83 – Respite #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite respite Intro For the first time in a long time, I’m alone. My fmsily is visiting great grandma and I had to work. At first, I felt guilty for […] Read More