Never know what someone else is going through
3/29 – You never know what someone else is going through.

5:88 – You never know what someone else is going through #faithbties #faithjourney #disabilities know Intro As we know, God has a way of messing with us when we need it the most. Today, I […] Read More

3/27 – Did you miss the mark?

5:86 – Did you miss the mark? #faithbites #faithjourney mark. Intro We talk alot about making mistakes and messing up. Some people call that sin others don’t. Today I learn the real definition of sin. […] Read More

God Meant It. Let's love
June 6 – God Meant It, Let’s Do It

4:157 – God Meant It, Let’s Do It #faithbites #faithjourney meant Setting Driving on I-65 through Tennessee this morning, I saw the billboard in the picture. I have been thinking about this nonstop. God truly […] Read More

Oct 14 – Take Away To Win

3:288 – Take Away To Win #faithbites #faithjourney away Setting Have you ever had something taken away from you that you were passionate about? Maybe there was a project or task that you loved doing […] Read More

Walking in the rain
Sep 12 – Walking In The Rain

3:256 – Walking In The Rain #faithnites #faithjourney walking Setting This morning was our planned prayer walk at church. It’s quite simple. A few people go walking through the neighborbood, observing what they can to […] Read More

Aug 30 – I’m Biased

3:243 – I’m Biased #faithbites #faithjourney biased Setting Yesterday I wrote about the passing of Chadwick Boseman and how we often equate value or greatness by the amount of coverage we get when we die […] Read More

Aug 13 – No Worries, Mate

3:226 – No Worries, Mate #faithbites #faithjourney worries Setting One of my most used phrases is, “No Worries”. I say this a lot when someone apologies to me for something they did wrong or a […] Read More