4/20 – Writing is powerful

5 :110 – Writing is powerful #faithbites #faithjourney writing Intro Over the past several months, my eldest and her friend, wrote a book together in our schools Young Author’s programs. They worked hard, shared ideas, […] Read More

3/8 – Bind Together

5:67 – Bind Together #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite bind It seems that we need something to fight about, something to be angry about, and something to divide us. Imagine if we used that energy to bind […] Read More

Blue Christmas is hard.
December 24 – Blue Christmas

4:359 – Blue Christmas #faithbites #faithjourney blue Setting For many in the world, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, food, presents, food, family, food, and of course celebrating the birth […] Read More

August 6 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

4:218 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly! #faithbites #faithjourney freak Setting Today’s #faithbites come from my best friend who posted this image. I often wonder how my behavior is seen by others. I’ve spent a […] Read More

April 13 – Division and Multiplication

4:103 – Division and Multiplication #faithbites #faithjourney division Setting In college, I did math because I had to. It was rote memorization and I hated it. Now I’m helping my eldest with her 5th grade […] Read More

Enjoy life and have fun.
March 14 – Because It Was Fun!

4:73 – Because It Was Fun! #faithbites #faithjourney fun Setting I enjoy 3D printing. Sometimes it’s not practical but it is fun. Last night, I printed a wicker basket to store our masks in rather […] Read More

May the Lord bless you
February 10 – The Lord Bless You And Keep You

4:41 – The Lord Bless You And Keep You #faithbites #faithjourney Lord Setting Sometimes we get in our own way. No matter how we try to make things simple, we make it harder. A prime […] Read More