August 29 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now!

4:241 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now #faithbite #faithjourney keep Setting If ypucr ever watched “Finding Nemo”, you know that Dory says, when life gets hard or your scared, “Just Keep on Swimming.” That is how […] Read More

We don't need to be perfect to love and share God
August 8 -Perfection Isn’t Required

4:220 – Perfection Isn’t Required #faithbites #faithjourney perfection Setting Yesterday was a bad 3D print day. Almost everything I printed failed. I was down on myself because I wasn’t getting it right. I even tried […] Read More

July 3 – ASK And You Shall Recieve

4:184 – ASK And You Shall Recieve #faithbites #faithjourney ask Setting This week at work, I did something, I have never done before. I advocated for a promotion to advance the mission of my work […] Read More

Into the Woods
June 18 – Into The Woods

4:169 – Into the Woods #faithbites #faithjourney woods Setting In about three hours, my youngest and I will head to camp CILCA for an overnight camping trip. While we were packing, she asked if she […] Read More

Do You Give in Secret?
May 8 – Giving: For The Glory, For The Good, or For The God?

4:128 – Giving: For The Glory, For The Good, or For The God? #faithbites #faithjourney giving Setting Some say never discuss sex, religion, money, or politics. If you avoid those four topic areas, all will […] Read More

Like one another
April 22 – Even If It’s KPop, Celebrate The Enjoyment

4:111 – Even If It’s KPop, Celebrate The Enjoyment #faithbites #faithjourney #kpop Setting My oldest is obsessed with BTS, which for those not in the know, is a KPop group. And KPop is Korean popular […] Read More

The Whole Story
April 12 – Read the Whole Story

4:102 – Read the Whole Story #faithbites #faithjourney whole Setting Iron Man is only a tech giant playboy. Aslan dies in the middle. Rocky gets knocked out. Daniel LaRusso gets beat up. If you only […] Read More