6/17 – God never washes his hands of you.

5:168 – God never washes his hands of you. #faithbites #faithjourney washes Intro This has been a bad week healthwise. Two doctors have washed their hands of me, saying it’s not in their wheel house […] Read More

Are you experiencing a midlife crisis?
5/18 – Midlife Crises or Growth?

5:138 Midlife Crises or Growth? #faithbites #faithjourney midlife Intro Graduations, job transitions, funerals, friends moving away. All of these things can make you think. From thinking about what’s next to reminiscing about the past to […] Read More

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on letting yesterday be yesterday
4/5 – Fresh start every day

5:95 – Fresh start every day #faithbites #faithjourney Intro We all make mistakes. Some big, some small, all not what we wanted to happen. I often wonder what would have happened if I did something […] Read More

3/3 – Read It Again – Friendship Promise

I’ve never done this before but I am. Here is yesterday’s #faithbites again. I think it is filled with so much knowledge and truth that we can read it again. Friendship is critical. Are you […] Read More

3/2 – As Your Friend, I Promise To

5:61 – As Your Friend I Promise To #faithbites #faithjourney promise Intro We call each other friends and often say, I’m here for whatever you need (Galatians 6:2) . Just ask! (Matthew 5:42). And we […] Read More

2/23 – Messed Up Dinner, Ordered Pizza

5:56 – Messed Up Dinner, Order Pizza #faithbites #faithjourney dinner Intro Tonight II was making a recipe for pork loin and rice in the ninja foodi. I was doing good until I read the last […] Read More

2/18 – Being Flexible is a Gift from God

5::49 – Being Flexible is a Gift from God #faithbites #faithbiteslite #faithjourney flexible Since we are on vacation, I’m going to ALLOW myself to rest. So I introduce #faithbiteslite just a verse for you to […] Read More