May 15 – When All Seems Lost, Keep Fighting The Good Fight

2:136 – When All Seems Lost, Keep Fighting The Good Fight #faithbites #faithjourney fighting Let’s face it: Life Is Hard. You pray and pray and pray, and it doesn’t seem that God is listening. You’ve […] Read More

March 29 – Rocks Are Forever

2:88 – Rocks Are Forever #faithbites #faithjourney rocks When most people think of paying their respects at a gravesite, they bring flowers, or in the winter a grave blanket. In the Jewish faith, you don’t […] Read More

February 14 – Kindness even when Angry

2:45 – Kindness Even When Angry #faithbites #faithjourney kindness I went to the pharmacy as 3:15 this morning as I had ran out of one of my anxiety medications. While there I talked to a […] Read More

February 2 – Learning About Faith Is Powerful

2:33 – Learning About Faith is Powerful #faithbites #faithjourney powerful When I was a young boy, my family went to synagogue regularly. I adored our Rabbi, Rabbi Kramer. He was a wonderful man who interacted […] Read More

December 22 – Memorization or Internalization

356 – Memorization or Internalization #faithbites #faithjourney internalization One of the weekly assignments my eldest has is to memorize scripture. She studies it, recites it, and gets a sticker for it. I’ve asked her if […] Read More

December 12 – Your Turn. Let me care for you.

346 – Your Turn. Let me care for you. #faithbites #faithjourney turn I’m a pretty strong guy and tend to take care of everyone. That’s my role and I like it. I’m willing to do […] Read More

November 11 – Thank You For Your Service

315 – Thank You For Your Service #faithbites #faithjourney Service Veterans Today is Veterans Day in the United States. A day to celebrate those who serve and have served in our armed forces. This is […] Read More