Do people change?
6/11 – Do people really change?

5:162 – Do people really change? #faithbites #faithjourney people Intro Today I was cleaning out our guest bedroom. This consisted of going through everything on the bookshelf, throwing stuff out, and moving it around. One […] Read More

Make time now
6/5 – Sleep later, take time to talk now

5:156 – Sleep later, take time to talk now #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslight time Intro Tonight I talked to a new friend for several hours. We talked about life, the universe, and everything. From discussions on […] Read More

Naïve and gullible
5/24 – Gullible and naïve

5:144 – Gullible and naïve #faithbites #faithjourney naïve Intro As many know, I am loving, open, and try to help everyone. Sometimes, my naivete gets me into trouble. Either I get shafted out of money, […] Read More

Verse or message.
5/13 – Is it the verse or the message?

5:133 – Is it the verse of the message? #faithbites #faithjourney verse Intro Did you know there are over 118 different English Language Bible Translations? 118! That doesn’t include international translations or partial translations. That […] Read More

5/7 – Have confidence in His throne

5:127 – Have confidence in His throne #faithbites #faithjourney throne #faithbiteslite It’s been a crazy couple of days. Good but crazy. I often wonder what the future will be but know that His throne is […] Read More

Love the unbeliever
4/2 – You don’t believe in God?

5:92 – You don’t believe in God? #faithbites #faithjourney believe Intro During lunch, today, my youngest and one of her friends had a conversation. My youngest said to her friend, “You don’t believe in God?” […] Read More

3/14 – A Case of the Mondays

5:73 – A Case of the Mondays #faithbites #faithjourney Mondays Intro I don’t know about you, but today was definitely a Monday. I broke one of my favorite coffee mugs, my back was acting up, […] Read More