Are you supported?
September 21 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2

4:264 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2 #faithbites #faithjourney Supported Setting I was driving home yesterday and saw a sign that said: “Support your Veterans” and was an ad for the Veteran’s Association. That […] Read More

Looking at our Whole Self
August 10 – Look At Your Whole Body of Work

4:222 – Look At Your Whole Body of Work #faithbites #faithjourney whole Setting 1,317. That is how many #faithbites I have written. 1,317 that is a lot of days and goes back to January 1, […] Read More

We don't need to be perfect to love and share God
August 8 -Perfection Isn’t Required

4:220 – Perfection Isn’t Required #faithbites #faithjourney perfection Setting Yesterday was a bad 3D print day. Almost everything I printed failed. I was down on myself because I wasn’t getting it right. I even tried […] Read More

Are you making a list?
July 31 – Making a List

4:212 – Making a List #faithbites #faithjourney list Setting My mind is always racing. I’ve found making to-do lists helpful. The problem I have is for every one thing I cross off my list, I […] Read More

July 23 – Life Gets In The Way of Living

4:204 – Life Gets In The Way of Living #faithbites #faithjourney life swtting A shot in the back the day of a going away party. Doing laundry instead of going through the park. Mowing the […] Read More

What are we teaching our children?
July 16 – What Should Schools Teach?

4:197 – What Should Schools Teach? #faithbites #faithjourney schools Setting I believe education is the answer to all of our problems. (Besides, God of course) When we are educated we can come together, think creatively, […] Read More

What makes work meaningful?
July 11 – Meaningful Work

4:292 – Meaningful Work #faithbites #faithjourney meaningful Setting Last night, I posted on Facebook about the automation of jobs like checkout and bagging at a grocery store. This was a reply to someone who said […] Read More