We don't need to be perfect to love and share God
August 8 -Perfection Isn’t Required
4:220 – Perfection Isn’t Required

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Yesterday was a bad 3D print day. Almost everything I printed failed. I was down on myself because I wasn’t getting it right. I even tried to paint and didn’t like the way it came out. Perfection is something I have always saught. If it’s not perfect, it’s not good enough. If it’s a gift for someone else or service for someone else, the drive for perfection is even greater. It drives me crazy!

Today, a friend posted this image. It really made me think not only about my printing, my parenting, my life choices but also about what God wants. God has never asked us to be perfect. Throughout the Bible, he chose sinners and broken people to be his messengers. Perfection isn’t required.

Today’s Questions: Do you seek perfection in what you do? Are you afraid or leery to start sharing your story because you might do it wrong? If we aren’t seeking perfection or waiting until we are perfect, how do know we are doing “it” right?

  • Romans 15:7 -Accept one another,┬áthen, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.
  • Ecclesiastes 7:20 – Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.
  • Matthew 5:48 – Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Here’s a shocker for you: Everyone Sins and no one is perfect. It doesn’t matter how God you are, you are less than perfect and that’s ok. This perfection isn’t just about sinning but in everything we do. For me, I am starting to look at failures as learning lessons. If I messed up a print, I tweak the settings, learn more, and try again. If I am rude, or angry, or react in a way that isn’t loving, I ask for forgiveness and try to do better. That is who we are. We are a growing, changing, living, blessed child of God.

You may have read Matthew 5:48 where it tells us to be perfect and thought, “Sol, you are lying to us. You said God told us we didn’t have to be perfect, but there is it in digital ink”. Here is a prime example where you need to read the whole story. This section of Mark, is talking about loving our enemies. That we can’t persecute those who are not like us. We need to love them. This is a place to seek perfection. It’s not saying we won’t mess up, because we will. But God is love and we want to emulate his love. This is the one place to really try. Love God, Love people.

Finally, when we share our story, we don’t have to have the perfect words. We don’t need all the “these” and “thous”. Just share from your heart and that is perfect. You are being the unique, loved child that God created.

As we close, it’s ok not to be perfect. We try, we learn, we love, and we grow. Each day is a chance to get better, to pray for forgiveness, to seek help, and to thank God for the #faithjourney you are on.


Lord in Heaven, thank you for your love. We are so blessed that you call us, your children. Today we pray that you help us stop trying to be perfect. We can’t and won’t. We ask that you help us to seek to be better, learn from our mistakes, ask for your forgiveness, and just keep getting better. Help us to use our failures and mistakes to grow. Lord, let your strength be with us as we navigate the ups and down that this world brings us. Help to not be dismayed but to be strong and courageous. We pray this in your name, Amen.

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