March 12 – Busy Work

Today’s lesson is on busy work. I hate busy work. I love to be engaged in active work that impacts people’s lives. Today I spent nearly 3 hours formatting a word document to upload into […] Read More

March 11 – The Circle of Life

Today’s lesson is on the circle of life. No, I’m not talking about the awesome song from Disney’s “Lion King”, but rather the ages and stages we all go through and the pain and joy […] Read More

February 5 – Platonic Relationships

Today’s lesson is about platonic relationships and how valuable they can be. Many know me as very outgoing, willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. What most don’t know is I have […] Read More

January 24 – Time, Time, Time

Today’s lesson is on time. I don’t’ have enough time. I have to be here by that time. How much time does it take? When will we be done with it? I have to do a million […] Read More