Are You Wise Like King Solomon
Nov 17 – Solomon The Wise

3:322 – Solomon the Wise #faithbites #faithjourney solomon Setting Some of you may not know, but my full name is Solomon David Roberts-Lieb (born Lieb). And yes, that’s a pretty old testament Jewish name. I […] Read More

Celebrate Finishing
Nov 10 – It Is Finished!

3:315 – It Is Finished! #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadtoEdD finished Setting At approximately 9:08 A.M. today, I began the defense of my doctoral dissertation. I was surrounded by many friends and my committee, who without, I […] Read More

Oct 24 – Clearing The Clutter

3:298 – Clearing The Clutter #faithbites #faithjourney clutter Setting Clutter is everywhere. I don’t mind a little mess, but sometimes it seems like the mess in my house is taking over. The past few days, […] Read More

There is a season
July 27 – For Every Season

  3:209 – For Every Season #faithbites #faithjourney season Setting Today was a long hard day. Physically demanding with getting new to me furniture, mentally draining by changing my whole office (that goes to my […] Read More

quality time
July 21 – Do You Make Time For Those Who Matter?

3:203 – Do You Make Time For Those Who Matter? #faithbites #faithjourney matter Setting I had been working on a project for a while and made arrangements to present it to a larger group. When […] Read More

Cut The Clutter
July 17 – Purge the Clutter

3:199 – Purge the Clutter #faithbites #faithjourney #clutter Setting Maybe I have a little Marie Kondo in me, but lately, I’ve felt the need to clear out the clutter. If it doesn’t bring me joy, […] Read More

Are You Seeking Joy?
July 16 – What Brings You Joy?

  3:198 – What Brings You Joy? #faithbites #faithjourney joy Setting Let’s make an assumption that everyone wants to be happy. It may not apply to everybody, but I wanted to level set. If we all […] Read More