Circle of Emotions
June 17 – The Circle of Life Leads To A Circle of Emotions!

4:168 – The Circle of Life Leads To a Circle of Emotions #faithbites #faithjourney circle Setting What a crazy few weeks this has been. My mum passed away, my daughter’s birthday, Father’s Day, and remembering […] Read More

Waiting is ok.
May 25 – It Can Wait

4:145 – It Can Wait #faithbites #faithjourney wait Setting Somedays, I am like a dog with a bone. I find something I want and just get so into it, I push everything else to the […] Read More

May 15 – Circle of Life

4:135 – Circle of Life #faithbites #faithjourney circle Setting Life. Death. Birth. Growth. Exploration. Forgiveness. Life. Death. Birth. This is the circle of life. I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful people on my […] Read More

We All Need Allies
April 17 – Call Upon Your Allies

4:107 – Call Upon Your Allies #faithbites #faithjourney Allies Setting Yesterday we talked about putting on the whole armor of God before going into battle. God gives us more than his Armor, he gives us […] Read More

The Future Is Unknown
April 9 – The Future is Unknown To Us And Is Exciting

4:99 – The Future is Unknown to Us and Is Exciting #faithbites #faithjourney unknown Setting God has a unique way of messing with us when he wants us to learn. Lately, I’ve been wondering about […] Read More

Enjoy life and have fun.
March 14 – Because It Was Fun!

4:73 – Because It Was Fun! #faithbites #faithjourney fun Setting I enjoy 3D printing. Sometimes it’s not practical but it is fun. Last night, I printed a wicker basket to store our masks in rather […] Read More

March 4 – Did I Offend You?

4:63 – Did I Offend You? #faithbites #faithjourney offend Setting Dr. Suess. Aunt Jemima. Civil War Statues. Building Names. Books. TV Shows. What do these have in common? Someone is offended by something that someone […] Read More