1 Corinthians

March 24 – Symbols

#83of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about symbols of faith. As my faith journey has continued, what I call myself and how I display that has changed. When I was younger, I wore a star […] Read More

March 12 – Busy Work

Today’s lesson is on busy work. I hate busy work. I love to be engaged in active work that impacts people’s lives. Today I spent nearly 3 hours formatting a word document to upload into […] Read More

March 7 – Greetings and Sol-utations

Today’s lesson is about the power of greeting someone. The morning bell rings and chaos ensues at a K-8 school. Students talking to their friends. Parents frantically hugging, kissing, and dropping off their kids while […] Read More

March 4 – Am I qualified?

Today’s lesson is about being qualified for service. Or more importantly, the things we tell ourselves to talk ourselves out of service. Today during service, Pastor Wirsing shared three reasons why we think we aren’t […] Read More

February 16 – Compromise

Today’s lesson is on the art of compromise. To some compromise is a four-letter word. To others that is what we should strive for. In some leadership training, we say compromise is a lose-lose situation […] Read More

February 9 – Being a Wit

Today’s lesson is about witnessing the Lord. Our Pastor’s have talked about this in depth. I have never thought of myself as a witness. I thought you had to be a pastor, priest, or preacher. […] Read More