Month: August 2021

Time to stop dividing and start multiplying
August 24 – Replace Division With Multiplication

4:236 – Replace Division With Multiplication #faithbites #faithjourney division Setting Mask Vs No Mask. Vaccine vs Vaccine. Truth Vs Lie. Fact Vs. Fiction. Science vs opinion. My Body, My Choice Vs My Body, My Choice. […] Read More

Make Joy!
August 23 – Joy Is What You Make It

4:235 – Joy Is What You Make It #faithbites #faithjourney Joy Setting Today, I got to introduce students to problem based learning and have their first session. This is a new group of students at […] Read More

August 22 – Jesus is My LIVING Hope

4:234 – Jesus is My LIVING Hope #faithbites #faithjoirney living Setting Yesterday, I heard a term that was new to me, progress Christianity. The term progressive isn’t the same a political progressive but it means […] Read More

We Need to Think!
August 21 – Take and Make Time To Think

4:233 – Take and Make Time to Think #faithbites #faithjourney think Scripture One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking and someone interrupts me. It ticks me off as I’m in mid-thought and […] Read More

One world
August 20 – One World, One People

4:232 – One World, One People #faithbites #faithjourney world Setting, In the past two days, I have learned about One Health, which is a multidisciplinary health practice that shows how human, animal and environmental health […] Read More

Act In Love
August 19 – Before You Act, Ask This One Question!

4:231 – Before You Act, Ask This One Question! #faithbites #faithjourney before Setting Today was the first day of school for my daughters. I wanted to do a #faithbites on back to school so I […] Read More

We are more than our pain
August 18 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome

4:230 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome It #faithbites #faithjourney sucks Setting Let’s face it, being in pain just sucks. Chronic pain sucks even more. I’m almost at two and a half years of living […] Read More