September 14 – Cherished, Supported and Loved

4:257 – Cherished, Supported and Loved #faithbites #faithjourney cherished Setting Today was an day of impact. From dreams last night to meetings today, to an email that had the words cherished, loved, and supported. This […] Read More

Make Joy!
August 23 – Joy Is What You Make It

4:235 – Joy Is What You Make It #faithbites #faithjourney Joy Setting Today, I got to introduce students to problem based learning and have their first session. This is a new group of students at […] Read More

Aug 29 – We All Don’t Get News Coverage AND We Are All Important

3:242 – We All Don’t Get News Coverage AND We Are All Important #faithbites #faithjourneg news Last night, Chadwick Boseman passed away from cancer. He was fighting for four years, like my dad, and no […] Read More

You Are Not Less Than
Aug 12 – Feeling Less Than

3:225 – Feeling Less Than #faithbites #faithjourney less Setting Today, I woke up early with a near panic attack. No trigger, no warning, just anxiety gone crazy. Took some meds and still wasn’t feeling like […] Read More

Feb 3 – Just Being Present

3:34 – Just Being Present #faithbites #faithjourney present Having a Bad Hair Day. Nothing Going Right. Feeling Like Crap. Sickness. Financial Issues. So many things that can ruin a persons days. For those of you, […] Read More

Oct 16 – When Hope Seems Lost

2:289 – When Hope Seems Lost #faithbites #faithjourney #Adulting hope Today was a pretty craptastic day. Lots going on and not very good outcomes. It’s one of those days you want to say, blank it […] Read More

May 30 – Simple Faith Reminders

2:150 – Simple Faith Reminders #faithbites #faithjourney reminders Some days are easy, some days are harder. Some days we rely more on God than others. Still there are some days when we need those reminders […] Read More