many rooms
4/11 – Many rooms. Go where you are loved

5:101 – Many rooms. Go where you are loved. #faithbites #faithjourney rooms Intro Be it our jobs, our relationships, our churches, or any other association we have, there are times when we don’t feel supported, […] Read More

January 6 – Recognize Authority

5:6 – Recognize Authority #faithbites #faithjourney recognize Intro Yesterday we talked about following God’s laws and following God. Today, we are going a bit deeper to talk about authority. Just as we don’t like laws […] Read More

End the Stigma
November 28 – Can You Hear Me?

4:332 – Can You Hear Me? #faithbites #faithjourney hear Setting Sometimes God messes with you and wants you to hear what he has to say. As you know, I’m a huge science fiction fan. In […] Read More

Time to stop dividing and start multiplying
August 24 – Replace Division With Multiplication

4:236 – Replace Division With Multiplication #faithbites #faithjourney division Setting Mask Vs No Mask. Vaccine vs Vaccine. Truth Vs Lie. Fact Vs. Fiction. Science vs opinion. My Body, My Choice Vs My Body, My Choice. […] Read More

March 29 – What Would Your Appraisal Look Like?

4:88 – What Would Your Appraisal Look Like? #faithbites #faithjourney appraisal Setting Have you ever had your house appraised? I’m getting ready to have the appraisal done here in just a few minutes. Let me […] Read More

March 24 – You Have Nothing To Prove! God Loves You!

4:83 – You Have Nothing To Prove! God Loves You #faithbites #faithjourney prove Setting Recently I’ve written about apologizing too much or trying to fit in too hard. Heck, I was even called out for […] Read More

Nov 28 – Always A Chance To Learn

3:333 – Always A Chance To Learn #faithbites #faithjourney chance Setting My youngest really enjoys musicals. Last night, we introduced her to Chicago! She loved it. She was bothered that the one innocent person was […] Read More