Month: August 2021

You are valuable
August 17 – I Am Valuable

4:229 – I Am Valuable #faithbites #faithjourney valuable Setting Sometimes when I look at the artwork that others make, I think mine is trash. I find that I don’t have the skills they have. It […] Read More

Surviving through fear is ok!
August 16 – Surviving Through Fear

4:228 – Surviving Through Fear #faithbites #faithjourney surviving Setting I am often afraid of the future. I don’t know what will happen even though I know that God is on my side. A friend posted […] Read More

Life's Happy Little Accidents
August 15 – Happy Little Accidents

4:227 – Happy Little Accidents #faithbites #faithjourney accidents Settings On this Sunday afternoon, I finished all my chores and decided I could do a little painting for a Solivander Presents project. I’m starting to find […] Read More

August 14 – Selling Your Possessions

4:226 – Selling Your Possessions #faithbites.#faithjourney selling Setting Yesterday, I told you how my wife’s grandmother was helping us clean house. One side effect of cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter you find. […] Read More

Clean House, Clean Soul
August 13 – Clean House, Happy Heart

4:225 – Clean House, Happy Heart #faithbites #faithjourney house Setting We have been blessed to have my wife’s grandmother at our house for the last five days. This woman is an awesome godly woman, and […] Read More

Wishful thinking or hope?
August 12 – I’m The King of Wishful Thinking

2:224 – I’m The King Of Wishful Thinking #faithbites #faithjourney wishful Setting i woke up sad this morning. Actually, I went to bed sad and woke up sad. I had a few people let me […] Read More

August 8 – You Aren’t A Build-A-Bear

4:223 – You Aren’t A Build-A-Bear #faithbites #faithjourneying build-a-bear Setting Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how God made me who I am. If it’s letting my freak flag fly, not conforming to […] Read More