Grief is real! It is yours
August 31 – Grief and Loss
4:242: Grief and Loss

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Today had its ups and downs. It was great to have lunch with a friend who I haven’t been able to meet with since before the pandemic. That was wonderful. Then, during lunch, I found out a friend from church lost her life in a senseless act. We don’t know the details but she will be missed. She and I battled about theology, politics, and more, but no matter what we were still friends. Then I found out about another friend who is in crisis. Another person who puts on a strong face looks fine, and you don’t know what is going on beneath. I want to just hug both of them and tell them it will be alright. They both have strong faith in Christ and I know he will watch over them, and give them eternal life.

When I experience someone else’s loss and grief, it hurts me. I know it sounds selfish but that’s how I feel. I want to fix the situation however I can. My faith tells me I can’t always fix it, but God can. I pray for comfort for my friend in crisis and the family of my friend who lost her life. May her memory be a blessing.

Today’s Questions: How do you deal with grief and loss? How do you empathize with others going through these experiences?


John 16:22 – So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.


Sometimes less is more. I leave you with this verse from John. This verse came before Jesus was crucified. He was preparing his disciples for his death and what was to come. He knew it would be hard and they would grief. He gave them a promise that he will come again, we will be happy, and no one will take away our joy. This is my prayer for those in crises, those suffering a loss, and those just in pain. Jesus will be there to remove our pain, wipe every tear (Revelation 24:1), and grant us eternal happiness.

As we close, remember that feeling grief and loss is ok. It’s not a sign of weakness but of humanity. Share that with others. Come together as a community and rally around those in pain.


Lord Jesus, tonight we pray for healing and comfort. Your people are in pain, sorrow, and feeling lost. Help the Davis family in their grief and loss. Help my friend in crises. Wrap them in your arms, protect them, let them know that you are always there. In your name, we pray Amen.

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