Month: March 2019

March 24 – I Think I’ll Make a Snappy New Day

2:83 – I Think I’ll Make a Snappy New Day #faithbites #faithjourney snappy Sing with me everyone: It’s such a good feelingTo know you’re aliveIt’s such a happy feelingYou’re growing insideAnd when you wake up […] Read More

March 23 – Hold On To These Moments As They Pass

2:82 – Hold On To These Moments As They Pass #faithbites #faithjourney hold And it’s been a long December and there’s reason to believeMaybe this year will be better than the lastI can’t remember all […] Read More

March 22 – Faithbites The Podcast?

2:81 – Faithbites The Podcast #faithbites #faithjourney podcast A friend of mine is starting her own podcast. She wanted to record her voice and stories for her daughter for the day when she isn’t around. […] Read More

March 21 – Celebrating Little Wins

2:80 – Celebrating Little Wins #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadToEdD celebrating When I used to work at State Farm, my team had food days all the time. My wife asked me why we were having them and […] Read More

March 20 – Angry Energizer Bunny

2:79 – Angry Energizer Bunny #faithbites #faithjourney #energizer Do you remember the commercial from the 90s and beyond of the Energizer Bunny. He keeps going and going and going. They used that ad to prove […] Read More

March 19 – I Can Do All Things…

2:78 – I Can Do All Things…. #faithbites #faithjourney things In life sometimes we think we can do things that we can’t and other times we think we can’t do things that we can. When […] Read More

March 18 – Beards

2:77 – Beards #faithbites #faithjourney beards Fair warning, this isn’t one of your normal #faithbites. This isn’t a deep introspective look at the soul. This is more fun. I’ve haven’t been shaving in a while, […] Read More