What's Next? New Goals
5/17 – What’s Next?

5:137 – What’s Next? #faithbites #faithjourney next Intro I started at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine five years ago and made two goals. The first was to see the first Match Day and the […] Read More

Verse or message.
5/13 – Is it the verse or the message?

5:133 – Is it the verse of the message? #faithbites #faithjourney verse Intro Did you know there are over 118 different English Language Bible Translations? 118! That doesn’t include international translations or partial translations. That […] Read More

boiling blood
5/10 – Is your blood boiling?

5:130 – Is your blood boiling? #faithbites #faithjourney boiling Intro Your breath is short. Your heart starts pumping. You feel like your blood is boiling. You want to just scream. Yes, this is your body’s […] Read More

5/9 – Supporter and healer role

5:129 – Supporter and healer role #faithbites #faithjourney supporter Into I love video games. The idea of becoming someone else and changing the world is amazing. My favorite type are role playing games (tabletop included). […] Read More

Big Hearts
4/29 – Big hearts, big hurts

5:119 – Big hearts, big hurts #faithbites #faithjourney hearts Intro I was talking to a friend about geeky stuff and she said we are very much alike. I said we are Geeks with Big Hearts. […] Read More

moving mountains
4/27 – He can move the mountains

5:117 – He can move the mountains #faithbites #faithjourney mountains Intro Today, I’m feeling a bit crispy. I am amazed at the lack of compassion and understanding in some people. Simple word changes, change thoughts, […] Read More

Best Friend definition
4/18 – The best friendships defy explanation

5:109 – The best friendships defy explanation #faithbites #faithjourney friendships Intro Most of you know I’m a pretty personable guy and get along with most. While I’ve shared it here before, I have many acquaintances, […] Read More