February 17 – Problem-Solving

Today’s lesson is about problem-solving. Engineering is the process of identifying a problem, then solving it. In today’s society, especially through social media, we heard solutions to problems that haven’t been fully identified. We see […] Read More

February 5 – Platonic Relationships

Today’s lesson is about platonic relationships and how valuable they can be. Many know me as very outgoing, willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. What most don’t know is I have […] Read More

February 3 – Evolving Thoughts

Today’s lesson in on allowing yourself to evolve your thoughts and positions. Yesterday I posted in Facebook how I saw two different people reacting vastly different to an event in the news. One seemed to […] Read More

January 25 – Perception or Angels in the Cemetery

Today’s lesson is on tradition/perception or Angels in the Cemetery. A topic that has been on my mind a lot is the difference between faith, God, and religion. I won’t go into in depth here […] Read More

January 24 – Time, Time, Time

Today’s lesson is on time. I don’t’ have enough time. I have to be here by that time. How much time does it take? When will we be done with it? I have to do a million […] Read More

January 19 – Saying Goodbye

Todays Bible Lesson is about saying goodbye. Today we lay my grandma Nancy to rest. She lived a long life, almost 92 years. She was a warm spirit of God. She loved everyone, cared for everyone, and […] Read More