6/7 – Have the faith conversation with a friend

5:158 – Have the faith conversation with a friend #faithbites #faithjourney conversation Intro Let’s start first with the grammar of the title. You may think it should be have “a” conversation vs “the” conversation. I […] Read More

5/26 – Change of plans

5:146 – Change of plans #faithbites #faithjourney plans Intro My plan today was to take the kids to school, then go to my doctor, then to work. I made it to the doctor before extreme […] Read More

December 7 – I Should’ve Asked Someone

4:341 – I Should’ve Asked Someone #faithbites #faithjourney asked Setting Tonight I ordered pizza for my youngest and I. I ordered a large pizza with pepperoni on one side and cheese sauce for the breadsticks. […] Read More

Start The Conversation
March 17 – Let’s Have A Conversation

4:76 – Let’s Have A Conversation #faithbites #faithjourney conversation Setting I have fond memories of my first two years of college. Several nights were spent deep in religious and political conversation with my floormates. We […] Read More

Sep 26 – I Want To Be A Lion (for Jesus)

3:271 – I Want To Be A Lion (for Jesus) #faithbites #faithjourney lion Setting I was mowing my yard today, listening to music, when one of my favorite songs came on: Mr. Jones. One of […] Read More

Seek Clarification
May 21 – Clarification Please

3:142 – Clarification Please #faithbites #faithjourney clarification Have you ever misunderstood someone? Read into a social media post wrong? Thought someone meant something when they didn’t. Have you sought clarification? I had a colleague today […] Read More

January 16 – Loss

Todays Bible Lesson is one on loss. Death sucks. On one hand, it is a homecoming. You get to be one with the Lord. His promises of redemption and everlasting life are fulfilled. At the […] Read More