Sep 29 – Patient In Affliction

3:273 – Patient in Affliction #faithbites #faithjourney affliction Setting Here’s another in the series of “thanks to first-grade memory work, I have a new #faithbites idea”. One of my youngest’s memory verses for this week […] Read More

Sep 17 – I Don’t Understand

3:261 – I Don’t Understand #faithbites #faithjourney understand There are many things in life I don’t understand. For instance, I was facilitating a case on women’s health for work. I don’t know what it’s like […] Read More

Sep 3 – Giants or Windmills?

3:246 – Giants or Windmills? #faithbites #faithjourney giants Setting Lately the song, Man of La Mancha, has been going through my head. It’s the main song from the musical Man of La Mancha which is […] Read More

Aug 8 – Love Perseveres

3:221 – Love Perseveres #faithbites #faithjourney #SheSaidRamirYAS perseveres Setting Today was my wife’s cousin’s wedding. A beautiful ceremony joining to people together in love in front of their family, friends, and God. I wish them […] Read More

July 22 – Earned Forgiveness

2:203 – Earned Forgiveness #faithbites #faithjourney earned Tonight, the family was watching an episode of Once Upon A Time. It’s a great show if you haven’t seen it. During one scene, Snow White asked the […] Read More

March 24 – I Think I’ll Make a Snappy New Day

2:83 – I Think I’ll Make a Snappy New Day #faithbites #faithjourney snappy Sing with me everyone: It’s such a good feelingTo know you’re aliveIt’s such a happy feelingYou’re growing insideAnd when you wake up […] Read More

February 19 – Whom Shall I Send?

2:50 – Whom Shall I send? #faithbites #faithjourney send Leaders help us find our way. They create a shared vision and help us all down the road together. Sometimes we select good leaders, others times […] Read More