5/4 – Even a diamond cracks

5/124 – Even a diamond cracks #faithbites #faithjourney diamond Intro Let’s think about rocks for a moment. They are strong and hold under a lot of pressure, but if you hit them long enough they […] Read More

Big Hearts
4/29 – Big hearts, big hurts

5:119 – Big hearts, big hurts #faithbites #faithjourney hearts Intro I was talking to a friend about geeky stuff and she said we are very much alike. I said we are Geeks with Big Hearts. […] Read More

December 28 – Wandering The Fields

363: Wandering The Fields #faithbites #faithjourney wandering Setting In the Bible, God goes by many different titles : father, creator, savior, king of kings, Lord of Lord’s, and Shepard. While those are just a few […] Read More

You aren't responsible
November 11 – You Are Not Responsible For Other’s Actions!

4:315 – You Are Not Responsible For Other’s Actions! #faithbites #faithjourney responsible Setting Life is hard. We want to help everyone. We want people to be successful. Sometimes that’s just not the way it plays […] Read More

Just Keep Breathing
July 19 – I’m Breathing

4:200 – I’m Breathing #faithbites #faithjourney breathing Setting Today I made it to the office for the first time in nearly 17 months. ANxiety has skyrocketed, pulse racing, breathing labored, but I did it. I’m […] Read More

Naked and Stripped Down
July 12 – Stripping It All Away

4:193 – Stripping It All Away #faithbites #faithjourney stripping Setting Somedays we get caught up in the day to day and all the activities we have. We have many layers to our life, our personality, […] Read More

Why did God make these crazy creatures?
July 9 – Crazy Creatures

4:190 – Crazy Creatures #faithbites #faithjourney crazy Setting Some #faithbites are deep in dogma, others are deep in personal experience, this one is just bananas and fun. For the past two nights, I have been […] Read More