December 15 – Dreams are God’s Wispers

348 – Dreams are God’s Whispers #faithbites #faithjourney Whispers Last night I had a vivid dream. My dad, who past nearly 10 years ago, was with me. He was helping me get out of an […] Read More

December 10 – Fasting isn’t about lack of food

344 – Fasting isn’t about lack of food #faithbites #faithjourney fasting Tomorrow I start prepping for a colonoscopy. It’s not fun and more than just a little pain in the butt. Pun intended. The hardest […] Read More

November 20 – Vaccinated by Christ

324 – Vaccinated by Christ #faithbites #faithjourney Vaccinated Before we get started, I’m going to ask for a little leeway here. I’m going to use an imperfect metaphor, but I think it works. So bear […] Read More

November 5 – The Biblical View on Voting

309 – The Biblical View on Voting #faithbites #faithjourney Voting Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States. It’s a chance for us to vote for our next set of leaders. Many are disillusioned with […] Read More

October 8 – Telling My Story

281 – Telling My Story #faithbites #faithjourney story What is your story? What is my story? I have been alive for over 41 years, I have written faithbites for 280 days but have I told […] Read More

May 29 – Trust in You

#149of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Trust in You Trust is a word we use a lot. I trust you. I don’t trust you. I trust this source. I don’t trust this source. You broke┬ámy trust and I […] Read More

April 26 – If Dreams are like Movies…..

#116of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney #Dreams Today’s lesson is about the power of dreams. We all have them either dreams that happen when we sleep or dreams we have about what our lives will be like. Dreams […] Read More