2 Timothy

March 30 – Thinking Clearly

2:89 – Thinking Clearly #faithbites #faithjourney clearly Do you every have a hard time thinking clearly? Maybe you are tired, hungry, or a hundred other emotions and your thoughts just aren’t clear. That’s bad enough, […] Read More

March 4 – Lord, Help Me Understand

2:63 – Lord, Help Me Understand #faithbites #faithjourney understand Today, I look for answers and understanding. There is much to God’s plan that I don’t understand. I’m far from perfect, far from understanding Christianity, and […] Read More

February 3 – I Exercised last year, where’s my six-pack abs?

2:34 – I Exercised last year, where’s my six-pack abs? #faithbites #faithjourney exercised I want the perfect body, but what about the work that comes with it? I did exercise last year, shouldn’t I be […] Read More

January 7 – Are you Hiding in Your Headphones?

2:7 – Are You Hiding In Your Headphones? #faithbites #faithjourney Headphones Walking down the streets of Chicago, I see most people with there eyes on their screens and their ears covered in their headphones. In […] Read More

December 27 – I resolve to…finish

361 – I resolve to…finish #faithbites #faithjourney finish Yesterday, we started the resolve series here at #faithbites with a resolution to work on anger. Today, we continue with looking at finishing what you start. For […] Read More

December 23 – Are You A Champion?

357 – Are You a Champion? #faithbites #faithjourney Champion Imagine this. You are engaged to a woman. You both decided to wait until marriage to have relations. The day of your wedding is approaching and […] Read More

November 19 – Taking Time to Chat

323 – Taking Time to Chat #faithbites #faithjourney chat I was walking into work today thinking of the many things I had to do. Then I stopped at a colleagues office who I hadn’t seen […] Read More