2 Timothy

August 10 – Are you A Maximizer or A Satisficer?

2:222 – Are You A Maximizer Or A Satisficer #faithbites #faithjourney Satisficer Sometimes when you watch a TV show or a movie or just hits home. We were watching the last season The Big Bang […] Read More

June 29 – Be Fearless Like Mary Ann

2:180 – Be Fearless Like Mary Ann #faithbites #faithjourney fearless Saturday. 90+ degrees. No time or place better to share God’s love. Today was the last Saturday and my first time helping with Sidewalk Sunday […] Read More

June 22 – Are You A Lost Toy?

2:172 – Are You A Lost Toy? #faithbites #faithjourney toy Yesterday, we watched Toy Story 4. This post has extremely minor spoilers. As part of the movie, and the series in general, their is an […] Read More

May 22 – The Greatest American Hero

2:142 – The Greatest American Hero #faithbites #faithjourney hero One of my favorite TV shows growing up was The Greatest American Hero. My family gathered to watch it every week. It’s about a run of […] Read More

May 19 – Is This What The Author Intended?

2:139 – Is This What The Author Intended? #faithbites #faithjourney author #GoT Tonight wraps 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. There has been twists, turns, blood, gore, treachery, faith, demons, resurrections, loyalty, and lots of […] Read More

April 8 – When It Finally Clicks

2:98 – When It Finally Clicks #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadToEdD clicks Does life ever feel like it’s an uphill struggle? That no matter what you do, it seems like you just don’t get it?. Sometimes though […] Read More

April 1 – The Right Tool For The Job

2:91 – The Right Tool For The Job #faithbites #faithjourney tool It’s 6:00 A.M. and the room is dark. My daughter and wife are snoring and I’m trying to get dressed. I need to find […] Read More