2 Timothy

Be Sure in Christ
May 27 – Only One Answer I Am Sure Of

3:148 – Only One Answer I Am Sure Of #faithbites #faithjourney Sure “Dad, when are we going to fix the fence?” “Daddy, when is my toy coming in?” “Honey, what is for dinner tonight?” “Sol, […] Read More

Hang In There
Apr 14 – Just Hang In There

3:105 – Just Hang In There #faithbites #faithjourney hang Some days you just need to hang in there. For instance, I tried to do a video #faithbite and it was constantly interrupted by the dog, […] Read More

No Matter What, Keep The Faith
Mar 25 – The Race Is Finished

3:85 – The Race Is Finished #faithbites #faithjourney race Today was a brutally long day. So long in fact, that I debated not writing a #faithbites today. But I figured, why snap an 800+ day […] Read More

Mar 18 – Technology For The Win

3:78 – Technology For The Win #faithbites #faithjourney technology Tonight, I saw the good and the bad of technology. We tried to live stream our church service for the first time. Everything was ready, people […] Read More

Opinions Aren't Facts
Feb 22 – Everybody Has Opinions

3:53 – Everybody Has Opinions #faithbites #faithjourney opinions Opinion – a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. – Dictionary.com Opinion – A view or judgment formed about something, not […] Read More

Jan 30 – Accepting Complements

3:30 – Accepting Complements #faithbites #faithjourney compliments Today was my Superbowl of Faculty Development. A very long day of workshops after months of planning. Throughout the day, many people came up saying how they enjoyed […] Read More

Don't Take Someone Else's Word. Read It For Yourself
Jan 12 – Read It For Yourself

3:12 – Read It For Yourself #faithbites #faithjourney read Do you ever have the problem of finding out what is true or not? Sometimes, someone says something but you don’t know if it’s “honest truth”. […] Read More