Month: June 2020

June 23 – Being For Jesus Doesn’t Mean You Are Against Others

3:173 – Being For Jesus Doesn’t Mean You Are Against Others #faithbites #faithjourny against The word I have been using to describe our world is nuance or lack there of. If you say you like […] Read More

June 22 – Playing Music

3:172 – Playing Music #faithbites #faithjourney music Setting We are going to take a break from the heavy #faithbites topics of the past few months and go for something a little lighter. Today, I took […] Read More

June 21 – Father’s Day

3:171 – Father’s Day #faithbites #faithjourney father’s Today is Father’s Day in the United States. A day to recognize our Fathers both on earth and our Heavenly Father. It’s not necessary a day for flowers […] Read More

I wasn’t Taught This Or Was I?

I wasn’t Taught This Or Was I? #Racism #WakingUp #Mindbites This is the first in a series of being open about growing up, understanding privledge, and making mistakes. Keep in mind, I am blessed to […] Read More

June 20 – One More Time With Feeling

3:170 – One More Time With Feeling #faithbites #faithjourney feeling I’m sitting here listening to my youngest playing with the dog as the rain and storms roll in. I’m wondering if I will remember this […] Read More

June 19 – Freedom

3:169 – Freedom #faithbites #faithjourney #juneteenth #900days freedom Today marks 900 days since I began sharing scripture daily, which later turned into #faithbites. 900 messages of faith. 900 messages of freedom from sin through Jesus. […] Read More

June 18 – What Do You Treasure?

3:168 – What Do You Treasure? #faithbites #faithjourney treasure Setting There has been a lot in the news about our heritage. Statues being removed, brands that we know changing, upheaval about change. The key has […] Read More