So Much Winning!
January 24 – Who’s Winning?

4:24 – Who’s Winning? #faithbites #faithjourney winning Setting I have to admit, I like numbers. Who is the oldest, youngest, richest, smartest, whatever? Sometimes I just google to google and learn strange facts. All of […] Read More

May 24 – Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

3:145 – Are You Seeing The Full Picture? #faithbites #faithjourney picture Have you ever been to a parade? Throngs of people looking at the floats, bands, and entries. When you are an adult, you can […] Read More

Jesus Never Changes
May 5 – I Hope You Can Count On Me

3:126 – I Hope You Can Count On Me #faithbites #faithjourney count Are you reliable? Would your friends and coworkers answer the same way? Lately, I’ve been wondering if I am reliable. I have always […] Read More

May 2 – Dividing For Coverage

3:123 – Dividing For Coverage #faithbites #faithjourney dividing Have I confused you by the title? Normally we talk about multiplying for strength and to have strength in numbers. How can dividing give coverage? I was […] Read More

Feb 13 – Satan Lies, God Doesn’t

3:44 – Satan Lies, God Doesn’t #faithbites #faithjourney Satan Yesterday, I talked about how my brain lies to me and how sometimes I need others to tell me if something is real or not. Call […] Read More

August 2 – Being A Dreamer Can Be Hard

2:214 – Being A Dreamer Can Be Hard #faithbites #faithjourney dreamer The past few days, I’ve been feeling that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to. Sure, I like my job, but don’t love it. […] Read More

June 22 – Saying Goodbye

2:173 – Saying Goodbye #faithbites #faithjourney goodbye God puts many people in our lives. Some are there for life, others for just a few minutes. Some leave an impact immediately, others you won’t see the […] Read More