The path is long, but God has us.
September 30 – It’s A Been Long Road

4:273 – It’s Been A Long Road #faithbites #faithjourney Setting I love Star Trek. Recently, I began rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise. This series takes place before the original series with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The […] Read More

September 15 – Two Roads Diverged

4:258 – Two Roads Diverged #faithbites #faithjourney roads Setting Choices. We have choices every day. Some seem benign liks what cereal to eat while othwrs like, should i take this job or not, can have […] Read More

Hold Your Tongue
September 8 – Hold Your Tongue

4:251 – Hold Your Tongue #faithbites #faithjourney tongue Setting I like to talk…A LOT. One of my favorite things is to get into intellectual, political, and religious debates/discussions will people. I find it stimulating and […] Read More

Head Spinning? God will slow down the world
September 1 – My Head is Spinning

4:244 – My Head is Spinning #faithbites #faithjourney spinning Setting My head is spinning out of control today. The events from yesterday and some good news today, have left me spinning. I know I need […] Read More

One world
August 20 – One World, One People

4:232 – One World, One People #faithbites #faithjourney world Setting, In the past two days, I have learned about One Health, which is a multidisciplinary health practice that shows how human, animal and environmental health […] Read More

We are more than our pain
August 18 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome

4:230 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome It #faithbites #faithjourney sucks Setting Let’s face it, being in pain just sucks. Chronic pain sucks even more. I’m almost at two and a half years of living […] Read More

Would You Pass The Interview?
July 15 – How Would You Answer These Interview Questions?

4:196 – How Would You Answer These Interview Questions? #faithbutea #faithjourneu interview Setting I was standing in the shower this morning and started thinking how much of a mess I am. My back is killing […] Read More