September 15 – Two Roads Diverged
4:258 – Two Roads Diverged

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Choices. We have choices every day. Some seem benign liks what cereal to eat while othwrs like, should i take this job or not, can have life altering impacts. My eldest and I jave been watching Marvel’s “What If”. Its a new animafed serious where important events in the Marvel universe were changed. What if Steve Rogers didnt become Captain America but Peggy Carter got the super solider serum. What if T’Challa was abducted by the Ravegers instead of Peter Quill? Perhaps Killmonger saved Tony Stark and he never became Iron Man. Each of these changes had drastic impacts on the world we know. Comic book world that is. But what does the Bible tell us about people walking down a road and choosing a path? We’ll look at the what if their roads weren’t travelled.

Today’s Questions: How would your life be different if you walked down a different road? How does God help you decide which road to travel?


Let’s look at the What If these roads were not travelled. Imagine if Abram didn’t trust God and leave everything for the land of Canaan. No Israel, no house of David, no Jesus. What if Saul didn’t go down the road to Damascus? No Apostle Paul, missing booka of the bible, missing missionary trip, does the church grow? What if the disciples told Jesus no when he sent them out two by two? Would the church have expanded? Would the church even still be alive today? Just imagine if these roads were not traveled.

We know being a Christian is hard. God tells us tonfollow the less travelled road but do we? What happenes when we do what we want vs what he wants? Robert Frost may writtwn The Road Less Travelled but we always have that choice with God. Think, prayer, listen, then act.

As we close, pay attention to the road you are walking and make surw to follow the road less travelled, the road God wants you to.


Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us examples of where people followed you even though it was hard and painful. We pray for the strengrh to always choose the right road no amtter how hard, painful, or stressful it may be. You love us and wouldn’t never steer us wrong. We pray this in your name, Amen.

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