Give It To Me Straight!
December 3 – Give It To Me Straight, Please!

4:337 – Give It to Me Straight, Please! #faithbites #faithjourney straight Setting When I say, “Used Car Salesman” or “mechanic”, what do you think about? Many think about getting shafted or scammed. That maybe they […] Read More

End the Stigma
November 28 – Can You Hear Me?

4:332 – Can You Hear Me? #faithbites #faithjourney hear Setting Sometimes God messes with you and wants you to hear what he has to say. As you know, I’m a huge science fiction fan. In […] Read More

Best Friends Are a Gift
November 23 – Best Friend(s)

4:327 – Best Friend(s) #faithbite #faithjourney best Setting Most of us have friends or acquaintances. Those people who, to use the Hawaiian term, “talk story” with. We have a drink, go to a movie, and […] Read More

November 21 – When Helping Hurts

4:325 – When Helping Hurts #faithbites #faithjourney helping Setting Have you ever heard the term, “When helping hurts?” Not only is it a book about how Christians can help those in need without hurting, its […] Read More

November 19 – Notes of Love and Support

4:323 – Notes of Love and Support #faithbites #faithjourney notes Setting As a kid, did you ever open up your lunch and there was a note from Mom or Dad saying how much they loved […] Read More

Never give up
November 14 – Never Give Up!

4:318 – Never Give Up! #faithbites #faithjourney Never Setting Most of you know that I am not very mechanical. I have “a person” for plumbing, heating, painting, just about everything. I have tried over the […] Read More

Removing Obstacles
November 13 – Removing Obstacles

4:317 – Removing Obstacles #faithbites #faithjourney obstacles Setting Today’s #faithbites brought to you by the verse of the day. How often do we try to find fault in what other people do? Have you ever […] Read More