2/11 – 3 Runs (and then some)

5:42 – 3 Runs (and then some) #faithbites #faithjourney runs Intro Last night, our family was watching Snowboarding (Half Pipe) at the Winter Olympics. Unlike many events where either you have one chance to perform […] Read More

Apr 27 – I Doubt It

3:118 – I Doubt It #faithbites #faithjourney doubt Doubt is heavy on my mind lately. Doubting politicians, medical reports, friends opinions, and more. It’s a world were so many are doubting the truth. I doubt […] Read More

July 24 – Love Is Universal

2:205 – Love Us Universal #faithbites #faithjourney Universal #DisneyDreaming Today was Epcot Day. Not only were we walking around the world, there we people from all over the world. Different colors, languages, religions, relationships, backgrounds, […] Read More

December 20 – Trust But Verify (Part II)

354 – Trust But Verify (Part II) #faithbites #faithjourney Verify You might remember that back in September I wrote a #faithbite entitled Trust But Verify. That message was about not bearing false witness and listening […] Read More

November 17 – Write it Down and Hit Save

320 –¬†Write it Down and Hit Save #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadtoEdD Write Today was another writing day on the #RoadtoEdD. Lots of searching, writing, and revising. When I was finished for the day, I wrote about […] Read More

April 20 – Excited Anticipation with Positive Skepticism

#110of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Today’s lesson is about excited anticipation with positive skepticism. Ok, I know this is probably the longest title of a faithbites yet, but I couldn’t come up with something shorter that still […] Read More