November 2 – Turn Down All The Sound
306 – Turn Down All The Sound

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The world is a pretty noisy place. From people to social media to construction to nature to everything in your head, there is a lot of sound. With all of this comes the brain processing power to try to tune it out. Some days, I am better at it than others. I posted early on Facebook today that there is physically being tired, mentally being tired, and spiritually being tired. Today is a spiritually tired kind of day. It isn’t something I can put my finger on it, but I just feel exhausted.

As I thought more about it, I realized it was all of the noise in the world that was getting to me. Yes, there are long days which drains the body. Sure there are debates and conversations that drain the mind. Lately, I have been engaging in many conversations and thinking about life that all deal around my faith and Christianity. Maybe it was spurred by the attacks in Pittsburgh, maybe by people not acting in a way that I think is Christina, who knows. But I am spiritually wiped.

After more thought, a song came to me that helps me. It’s a pop song by Meghan Trainor called “Kindly Calm Me Down”. The funny thing about it is I thought I had mentioned it in a previous #faithbites. When I looked back, sure enough, I did, back on January 10. Seems like a lifetime ago. If I’m finding inspiration in my own writing, I only hope that others do too.

What do you do when you feel spiritually tired?

  • Truly my soul finds rest in God;
        my salvation comes from him – Psalm 62:1
  • The Lord is in his holy temple;
        let all the earth be silent before him. – Habakkuk 2:20
  •  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28

“When my world gets loud, could you make it quiet down?

When my head, it pounds, could you turn down all the sound?” – Meghan Trainor

We all have those days when the world is loud when the noise goes beyond the physical and is in your soul. We know that our when we are weary and burdened, our souls find rest in God and our Salvation through Christ. Those are amazing words of comfort and calm. At the same time, to know that the Lord is in his temple and the world will be silent before him, helps even more. To know that there will be a day when I join the Lord in his house and all the noise will be quieted down. I can’t put into words how great that would feel.

There is no magic wand or tip to be happy all the time. No potion or trick to have your soul not be burdened. I believe if you care and you are active, your soul will be weighted down. That is when it is time to come to the Lord, and get rest.



Are you weary and tired? Do you feel like you are defending your faith in a battle running low on supplies? Know that the word of the Lord will comfort you. He will put people in your life to help you in that battle. He will give you rest. Write down those things that make you weary. Bring them to the Lord. Then listen to his answers. He will quiet all the sounds.

Lord, grant me rest. Help me to understand your plan and my purpose in it. Give me the strength to know when to fight and when to rest. Give my fellow warriors both your strength and your rest.

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