Gospel Lessons

4/24 – Flavors of Faith

5:114 – Flavors of Faith #faithbites #faithjourney flavors Intro Ive bbeen thinking a lot about faith as many of my friends and family have been wrestling with God and struggling with their faith. The struggle […] Read More

Your impact matters
4/22 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t Stop

5:112 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t stop. #faithbites #faithjourney impact Intro The other day we were watching 9-1-1. The episode had several conversations where the firefighters and EMTs wondered about the people they […] Read More

4/20 – Writing is powerful

5 :110 – Writing is powerful #faithbites #faithjourney writing Intro Over the past several months, my eldest and her friend, wrote a book together in our schools Young Author’s programs. They worked hard, shared ideas, […] Read More

Best Friend definition
4/18 – The best friendships defy explanation

5:109 – The best friendships defy explanation #faithbites #faithjourney friendships Intro Most of you know I’m a pretty personable guy and get along with most. While I’ve shared it here before, I have many acquaintances, […] Read More

4/18 – After Easter

5:108 – After Easter #faithbites #faithjourney after Intro He is risen. He is risen indeed, Hallelujah. Today is Holy Monday and this season is over. (Yes, our Orthodox friends celebrate soon). Now that Easter has […] Read More

4/17 – He is (not was) Risen

5:107 – He is (not was) risen #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite was Intro Happy Easter. I pray that the forgiveness and love of Christ dwells in you richly. Just a short #faithbites for today. Have you […] Read More

4/15 – Why we call today Good Friday?

5:105 – Why we call today, Good Friday? #faithbites #faithjourney friday I iinitially posted this last year and felt its good (no pun intended) for us to reflect on the word Good and on Jesus’s […] Read More