boiling blood
5/10 – Is your blood boiling?

5:130 – Is your blood boiling? #faithbites #faithjourney boiling Intro Your breath is short. Your heart starts pumping. You feel like your blood is boiling. You want to just scream. Yes, this is your body’s […] Read More

5/8 – Make the most of today and every day

5:128 – Make the most of today and everyday #faithbites #faithjourney most #MothersDay Intro Today is Mother’s Day. I’ve been blessed beyond measure by my wife and female friends who are mothers or have been […] Read More

The answer is blowin'
5/6 – The answer is blowin’ in the wind

5:126 – The answer is blowin’ in the wind #faithbites #faithjourney blowin’ Intro Today a friend was looking for answers, and Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ In the Wind came to my mind. Here are a few […] Read More

5/5 – Self-Medicating looks different for different people

5:125 – Self-medicating looks different for different people #faithbites #faithjourney self-medicating Intro Have you ever looked at someone and said they are self-medicating? I know I have. When most of us think of self-medicating, we […] Read More

5/4 – Even a diamond cracks

5/124 – Even a diamond cracks #faithbites #faithjourney diamond Intro Let’s think about rocks for a moment. They are strong and hold under a lot of pressure, but if you hit them long enough they […] Read More

it's kingdom time
5/3 – It’s Kingdom time

5:123 – It’s Kingdom time #faithbites #faithjourney kingdom Intro Today at work, I walked in on a conversation about God, his kingdom, and how we need to change how we are acting. The conversation changed […] Read More

When pain radiates it's no good
5/2 – Stop when the pain radiates

5:122 -Stop when the pain radiates #faithbites #faithjourney radiates Intro “No Pain, No Gain.” How many times have you heard that? Mostly it is used in the gym as motivation to push through the pain. […] Read More