Sep 29 – Patient In Affliction

3:273 – Patient in Affliction #faithbites #faithjourney affliction Setting Here’s another in the series of “thanks to first-grade memory work, I have a new #faithbites idea”. One of my youngest’s memory verses for this week […] Read More

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Aug 17 – Is Your But Getting In The Way?

3:230 – Is Your But Getting In the Way? #faithbites #faithjourney but Setting “I like this dinner, but the veggies are too salty”. “Our country is good but it has too many problems.”. “This movie […] Read More

Dec 27 – Too Much Excitement

2:361 – Too Much Excitement #faithbites #faithjourney Excitement Tonight I was on a video chat with my brother in California. Of course my kids wanted in in the action. My youngest was literally jumping on […] Read More

June 10 – I Have Mental Illness And It’s Ok.

2:161 – I have Mental Illness And It’s Ok #faithbites #faithjourney #noshame mental My name is Sol Roberts-Lieb and I have clinical depression and anxiety. There it is. Does it surprise you? Do I not […] Read More

March 27 – Did I Break My Vow

2:86 – Did I Break My Vow #faithbites #faithjourney vow What is a Vow? In noun form it means a solemn promise. In verb form it means solemnly promise to do something. For Lent, many […] Read More