2 Timothy

Keep Your Sparkle Switch On!
September 19 – Keep Your Sparkle Switch On!

4:262 – Keep Your Sparkle Switch On! #faithbites #faithjourney sparkle Setting Last night, we watched the JoJo Siwa J-Team movie. Yes, I wasn’t the audience for it, but it was cute and my youngest liked […] Read More

Dust Off
August 30 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going!

4:242 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney dust Setting This morning I posted my disgust with myself about my behavior yesterday. I was angry, frustrated, and let it show. It was a […] Read More

We Need to Think!
August 21 – Take and Make Time To Think

4:233 – Take and Make Time to Think #faithbites #faithjourney think Scripture One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking and someone interrupts me. It ticks me off as I’m in mid-thought and […] Read More

How do we choose?
August 3 – God Gives Choices, You Need to Choose!

4:215 – God Gives Choices, You Need To Choose! #faithbites #faithjourney choices Setting They say be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. Right now, I’m in a land of possibilities. […] Read More

Back to the Routine? A New Routine?
August 1 – Back to Our Routine?!?

4:213 – Back to our Routine? #faithbites #faithjoutnry routine Setting As the calendar turns to August, talks change from summer vacation to back to school. August starts the return the the “normal” routine or whatever […] Read More

What are we teaching our children?
July 16 – What Should Schools Teach?

4:197 – What Should Schools Teach? #faithbites #faithjourney schools Setting I believe education is the answer to all of our problems. (Besides, God of course) When we are educated we can come together, think creatively, […] Read More

Faith Leads to Understanding
June 26 – Pray for Understanding

4:177 – Pray for Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney understanding Setting A couple of days ago when I wrote #faithbites, I wasn’t planning on writing a series on prayer, but God works in his way. We started […] Read More