2 Timothy

2/6 – Are You Calling People Out or In?

5:37 – Are You Calling People Out Or In? #faithbites #faithjourney calling Intro During a conference last week, I attended a workshop entitled having difficult conversations about difficult conversations. It was an excellent, no PowerPoint […] Read More

Read It Again
January 27 – Watch It Again, Get Something New.

5:27 – Watch It Again, Get Something New #faithbites #faithjourney again Intro Lately, I’ve been binge-watching Star Trek Enterprise. The show is over 20 years old and I think I kissed some episodes the first […] Read More

January 25 – Walk Away and Regroup

5:25 – Walk Away and Regroup #faithbites #faithjourney walk Intro Parenting iis hard. I’ve made mistakes. More times than I care to count. One thing I have learned, or should say learning, is how to […] Read More

God Not Google
December 18 – Don’t Google It, Ask God!

4:352 – Don’t Google It, Ask God! #faithbites #faithjourney google Setting Have you ever wondered what was legal in one state or another? Curious about what the right answer was about something? Have you ever […] Read More

November 26: Short Fuse, No Patience

4:330 – Short Fuse, No Patience Setting Today I feel lome I have no latience. Every little thing is setting me off. It reminds me of the Denis Leary skit where he says why he […] Read More

October 5 – You Are Worthy Enough

4:278 – You Are Worthy Enough #faithbites #faithjourney worthy Setting The Might Thor, Son of Odin, the God of Thunder is an awesome superhero. He wields, Mjollnir, a powerful hammer. The thing about Mjollnir is […] Read More

The path is long, but God has us.
September 30 – It’s A Been Long Road

4:273 – It’s Been A Long Road #faithbites #faithjourney Setting I love Star Trek. Recently, I began rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise. This series takes place before the original series with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. The […] Read More