Month: February 2022

2/13 – Let Yout Light Shine

5:44 – Let Your Light Shine #faithbites #faithjourney #lite shine Sine we are on vacation, I’m going to ALLOW myself to rest. So I introduce #faithbiteslite just a verse for you to reflect on. Enjoy […] Read More

Anticipation is good
2/12 – Anticipation and Reactions

5:43 – Anticipation and Reactions #faithbites #faithjourney Anticipation Intro Anticipation has set in at the Roberts-Lieb household. In 12 hours, we will be on a plane for vacation and we are excited. Maybe it’s because […] Read More

2/11 – 3 Runs (and then some)

5:42 – 3 Runs (and then some) #faithbites #faithjourney runs Intro Last night, our family was watching Snowboarding (Half Pipe) at the Winter Olympics. Unlike many events where either you have one chance to perform […] Read More

Law and Order are important. Forgiveness is more important
2/10 – Law & Order & Forgiveness

5:41 – Law & Order & Forgiveness #faithbites #faithjourney order Intro I like and need laws and rules because they provide order. I can be a very black and white person when it comes to […] Read More

2/9 – 1500 Days

5:40 – 1500 Days #faithbites #faithjourney 1500 Intro On January 1, 2018, I started what would become #faithbites. My attempt to share God’s word, my #faithjourney, and how God is working through me. Today has […] Read More

Angry, Upset, Broken, Forgiven
2/8 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven

2:39 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven #faithbites #faithjourney upset Intro I described my feelings today as raw. Raw means I’m angry, upset, broken, and confused. It has been a crazy day and I think […] Read More

Different Arrangement, Same Message
2/7 – Different Arrangement, Same Message

5:38 – Different Arrangement, Same Message #faithbites #faithjourney arrangement Intro I love music. Some songs really hit home and others don’t. Lately, I’ve been listening to a cover of Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice by […] Read More