Month: December 2021

Blue Christmas is hard.
December 24 – Blue Christmas

4:359 – Blue Christmas #faithbites #faithjourney blue Setting For many in the world, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, food, presents, food, family, food, and of course celebrating the birth […] Read More

Festivus and grievances
December 23 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us?

4:357 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us #faithbites #faithjourney Festivus Setting Happy December 23 or as they celebrate in Seinfeld, Festivus. It’s a holiday created for the show that snubs its nose at the […] Read More

Don't Worry About Your Next Mission
December 22 – Where Will Your Next Mission Take You?

4:356 – Where Will Your Next Mission Take You? #faithbites #faithjourney mission Setting As 2021 is winding down, we think about the holiday season and what the future will bring. Sometimes we have a great […] Read More

Slowdown but keep moving
December 21 – Slow Down, Keep Moving

4:355 – Slow Down, Keep Moving #faithbites #fiathjourner slow Setting This is my second day on Christmas vacation but I feel I’m working more (professional and home stuff) than I did when I wasn’t on […] Read More

December 20 – Made Right By Faith

4:354 – Made Right By Faith #faithbites #faithjourney made Setting This picture was shared by a friend who just suffered a devastating loss. While she may be shaken her faith never waivers. I shared a […] Read More

December 19 – Can You Have Too Much Family Time?

4:353 – Can You Have Too Much Family Time #faithbites #faithjourney family Setting Ahh, the holidays. A time when you travel, spend time with family, celebrate Christ, give gifts, and get to a point you […] Read More

God Not Google
December 18 – Don’t Google It, Ask God!

4:352 – Don’t Google It, Ask God! #faithbites #faithjourney google Setting Have you ever wondered what was legal in one state or another? Curious about what the right answer was about something? Have you ever […] Read More