Month: December 2021

We are different and equal
December 10 – Equal And Different

4:344 – Equal And Different #faithbites #faithjourney equal Setting Today we are celebrating my eldest’s birthday at school. She wanted Dairy Queen Dilly Bars. Next week will celebrate my youngest’s half birthday but she wants […] Read More

December 9 – The Flux Is Confusing

4:344 – The Flux Is Confusing #faithbites #faithjourney flux Setting I love Doctor Who. It’s history is amazing and fun. Right now, I’m watching season 13 (modern) and it’s subtitled Flux. Let me tell you […] Read More

December 8 – Writer’s Block

4:32 – Writer’s Block #faithbites #faithjourney Writer’s Setting Today, I’ve been staring at this blank screen for a long time. I don’t have ideas for #faithbites and even the verse of the day, didnt do […] Read More

December 7 – I Should’ve Asked Someone

4:341 – I Should’ve Asked Someone #faithbites #faithjourney asked Setting Tonight I ordered pizza for my youngest and I. I ordered a large pizza with pepperoni on one side and cheese sauce for the breadsticks. […] Read More

Overcome Inertia
December 6 – Overcoming Inertia

4:340 – Overcoming Inertia #faithbites #faithjourney inertia Setting Come January 1, I’m going to eat right, exercise, and get in shape. January 1 comes….I’m tired or I have things to do. Does this sound like […] Read More

November 5 – Your Voice Is Getting To Me

4:339 – Your Voice Is Getting To Me #faithbites #faithjourney voice Setting This #faithbites title can be taken two ways, one we hate, and one we grow to love. The first is the one we […] Read More

Jesus never leaves us
November: Jesus Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

4:338 – Jesus Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow #faithbites #faithjourney Jesus Settings One of my favorite Christmas Songs is Joy to the World. It’s just happy and it tells us everything we need to know in […] Read More