Month: October 2021

October 10 – Art is a Reflection of the Artist

4:286 – Art is a Reflection of the Artist #faithbites #faithjourney art Setting i was paitning a few of my 3D prints this morning before church. As I was painting, I was getting mad at […] Read More

October 9 – The Peace In My Troubled Sea

4:285 – The Peace In My Troubled Sea #faithbites #faithjourney troubled Setting At my daughter’s volleyball tournament, in between games, they were playing Christian music. A song that reminded me of Vacation Bible School came […] Read More

October 8 – Every Day a Little Better

4:281 – Every Day a Little Better. #faithbites #faithjourney better Setting We all have good days and bad days. Some days you just dont want to get out of bed and other days are great. […] Read More

Don't belittle yourself
October 7 – Don’t Belittle Yourself

4:280 – Don’t Belittle Yourself. #faithbites #faithjourney belittle Setting As you know, I am getting deep into 3D printing and learning how to paint. I look at my work and often say it’s crap. I […] Read More

God answers when you call
October 6 – God Answers The Phone

4:279 – God Answers The Phone #faithbites #faithjourney answers Setting One of my favorite movies is “Dead Poets Society“, starring the late Robin Williams. The movie hits on so many levels from conformity to fitting […] Read More

October 5 – You Are Worthy Enough

4:278 – You Are Worthy Enough #faithbites #faithjourney worthy Setting The Might Thor, Son of Odin, the God of Thunder is an awesome superhero. He wields, Mjollnir, a powerful hammer. The thing about Mjollnir is […] Read More

October 4 – The Needs of The Many

4:277 – The Needs of The Many #faithbites #faithjourney needs Setting Yesterday I got my #doublejab. Flu shot and COVID #3. Today, I’m tired and lethargic. But its ok, I’ll be better tomorrow. Its my […] Read More