Month: June 2021

June 16 – Great Expectations

4:167 – Great Expectations #faithbites #faithjourney expectations Settings Yesterday we talked about being pushovers. One way to do avoid being a pushover is to set expectations. We all have great expectations, no not the book […] Read More

June 15 – I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning

4:166 – I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning #faithbites #faithjourney sunday Setting Every Sunday, one of my friends posts, “I’m easy like Sunday morning.” It’s a great song and reflects that Sundays should be an easy […] Read More

Love Doesn't Keep Score
June 14 – Love Doesn’t Keep Score, But I Do

4:164 – Love Doesn’t Keep Score, But I Do #faithbites #faithjourney score Setting This is a very personal #faithbites as I am fully admitting I fail often. God tells that love keeps no records of […] Read More

Plan B
June 13 – Do We Need A Plan B?

4:164 -Do We Need A Plan B? #faithbites #faithjourney Plan Setting My brain is always running. As long as I have been alive, I’ve always had at least a plan B if not a C […] Read More

June 12 – Relapse

4:163 – Relapse #faithbites #faithjourney relapse Setting When I say relapse, what do you think? Is it alcohol and drugs? Is it an addiction? What does it mean when someone says they’ve relapsed. I’m thinking […] Read More

June 11 – Small Events, Big Reaction

4:162 – Small Events, Big Reaction #faithbites #faithjourney reaction Setting Today I went to my office for the first time in 15 months. It was a bit eerie because of time, no one being there, […] Read More

Memories are useful. How do we use them?
June 10 – Memories Are Powerful

4:161 – Memories Are Powerful #faithbites #faithjourney memories Setting This past week my eldest started swim team practice. You may not know this, but I was an avid swimmer growing up, was on a swim […] Read More