Month: January 2021

So Much Winning!
January 24 – Who’s Winning?

4:24 – Who’s Winning? #faithbites #faithjourney winning Setting I have to admit, I like numbers. Who is the oldest, youngest, richest, smartest, whatever? Sometimes I just google to google and learn strange facts. All of […] Read More

Me or Others?
January 23 – For Me Or The Group?

4:23 – For Me Or The Group? #faithbites #faithjourney me Setting Today, I want to share something that is weighing heavy on my heart. As you know I try to help others first, then take […] Read More

Devotional Devotion
January 22 – Devotional Devotion

4:22 – Devotional Devotion #faithbites #faithjourney devotional Setting Before I converted to Christianity in 2016, I had heard of a devotional but I didn’t know what it was. I knew that the word devotion meant […] Read More

making decisions is hard
January 21 – Decision Making Is Exhausting

4:21 – Decision Making Is Exhausting #faithbites #faithjourney decision Setting “What’s for dinner?” “Where’s my shoe?” “What color of paint do you want?” When will you offer this training?” “What should I write #faithbites about?” […] Read More

Expanding Opportunities
January 20 – Expanding Opportunities

4:20 – Expanding Opportunities #faithbites #faithjourney expanding Setting In my lifetime I have seen many exciting and dismaying events. Today, I want to focus on those that expanded opportunities. I remember the tearing down of […] Read More

Changing President, Changing Heart
January 19 – Change of President, Change of Heart?

4:19 – Change of President, Change of Heart? #faithbites #faithjourney president Setting At noon on January 20, the United States will inaugurate its 46th President. For many this ushers in feelings of hope, prosperity and […] Read More

Don't feed the trolls
January 18 – Don’t Feed The Trolls

4:18 – Don’t Feed The Trolls #faithbites #faithjourney trolls Setting Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t Feed The Trolls?” On the Internet, trolls are those who start flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet. I […] Read More