Month: December 2020

tired and hopeful
Dec 10 – Worn Out And Hopeful

3:345 – Worn Out And Hopeful #faithbites #faithjourney worn Setting Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Anxiety about our work virtual Christmas party took over. I know, it’s stupid, but […] Read More

god is love
Dec 9 – Math Translation Love. God.

3:344- Math Substitution: Love. God #faithbites #faithjourney math Setting This morning, I was thinking about all of the times that I tell myself God doesn’t love me, or I don’t deserve God’s love because I’m […] Read More

Snap Out Of It
Dec 8 – Snap Out Of It Or Keep Going!

3:343 – Snap Out Of It Or Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney snap Setting Have you ever been so deep in something that you’ve felt trapped? Is it the trapped that you are almost there or […] Read More

Dec 7 – Furbabies: A Gift From God

3:342 – Furbabies: A Gift From God #faithbites #faithjourney furbabies Setting I love animals, always have, always will. There is something about an animal companion that can make things better no matter what. Sure, they […] Read More

Dec 6 – Links: Chains Of Encouragement

3:341 – Links: Chains of Encouragement #faithbites #faithjourney links Setting When most of us think about chains, we think about being imprisoned and the despair it brings. Chains are also a sign of strength built […] Read More

it's never too late
Dec 5 – Never Give Up!

3:340 – Never Give Up! #faithbites #faithjourney never Setting This has been a rough week. Last night, we began planning for the end of life for a relative. We thought today would be the end. […] Read More

Failure isn't the end
Dec 4 – Failure Isn’t The End Of The Road

3:339 – Failure Isn’t the End of the Road #faithbites #faithjourney failure Setting 44 hours. That is how long I had a 3D print going. This was supposed to be a present for a family […] Read More