Month: November 2020

false prophets
Nov 23 – False Prophets

3:328 – False Prophets #faithbites #faithjourney false God is perfect. Jesus is perfect. Faith is beautiful. Religion is complicated. When I was younger, I thought Judaism was easy because you were orthodox, conservative, or reform. […] Read More

Odd or God?
Nov 22 – Is It Odd or Is It …

3:3227 – Is It Odd Or Is It… #faithbites #faithjourney odd Setting During today’s message, our pastor introduced us to a new phrase. We have all heard that God works in mysterious ways. He told […] Read More

Seeking Knowledge
Nov 21 – Teach Me Cursive

3:325 – Teach Me Cursive #faithbites #faithjourney cursive Setting Today my six year old asked me to teach her cursive. She has no other reason than she saw us do it and she wanted to […] Read More

Unseen Burdens
Nov 20 – Things Unseen

3:324 – Things Unseen #faithbites #faithjourney unseen Setting Most people would look at me and say I look fine. Today, I did what I needed to, said hi to people, and tried to do what […] Read More

safety net
Nov 19 – What Is Your Safety Net?

3:324 – What Is Your Safety Net? #faithbites #faithjourney safety Setting I was sitting in a meeting today listening to the status of hospitals and COVID-19. It was scary to learn that many hospitals are […] Read More

Nov 18 – I Need To Vent

3:323 – I Need To Vent #faithbites #faithjourney vent Setting Ever have a bad day and just want to scream? Maybe you just want to vent to someone about it to get it off your […] Read More

Are You Wise Like King Solomon
Nov 17 – Solomon The Wise

3:322 – Solomon the Wise #faithbites #faithjourney solomon Setting Some of you may not know, but my full name is Solomon David Roberts-Lieb (born Lieb). And yes, that’s a pretty old testament Jewish name. I […] Read More