Month: September 2020

You aren't the Worst
Sep 9 – I’m The Worst Person in The World

3:253 – I’m The Worst Person in The World Setting Last night my youngest was upset, and for the second time in as many nights, said she was the worst person in the world. That […] Read More

Sep 8 – Intolerance

3:252 – Intolerance #faithbites #faithjourney intolerance Setting Yesterday in a heated debate, I, along with my friends, was called intolerant. That being tolerant means accepting all beliefs and all opinions. I wanted to dive a […] Read More

Bear False Witness
Sep 7 – Bearing False Witness

3:251 – Bearing False Witness #faithbites #faithjourney false Setting I was debating politics with someone, and they brought up how can we as Christian men, bear false witness. It is a concept I was only […] Read More

Agape Love. God's Love
Sep 6 – Agape Love

3:250 – Agape Love #faithbites #faithjourney #NeverStopLearning #NewWord Agape I love learning new words. Sometimes these are words I’ve never heard, other times it’s in a new context. Regardless of where I learned them, I […] Read More

Sep 5 – I Can’t Paint, But I Keep Trying

3:249 – I Can’t Paint, But I Keep Trying #faithbites #faithjourney paint Setting I am not a good painter. It doesn’t matter if it’s walls or pictures or miniatures. It’s just not a gift I […] Read More

Sep 4 – Are You Persecuting Christ?

3:247 – Are You Persecuting Christ? #faithbites #faithjourney persecuting Setting I often see people saying how Christians are being persecuted in the US and around the world. This comes in the form of laws, politics, […] Read More

Sep 3 – Don’t Be Afraid Of Saying The Wrong Word

3:246 – Don’t Be Afraid Of Saying The Wrong Word #faithbites #faithjourney afraid Setting In the past week I have been involved in many tricky sensitive conversations. In each of these, I say people tiptoing […] Read More