Month: May 2020

May 24 – Are You Seeing The Full Picture?

3:145 – Are You Seeing The Full Picture? #faithbites #faithjourney picture Have you ever been to a parade? Throngs of people looking at the floats, bands, and entries. When you are an adult, you can […] Read More

May 23 – Try A Different Approach

3:144 – Try A Different Approach #faithbites #faithjourney approach Tonight my youngest just didn’t want to listen to me. No matter what I said or did, it wasn’t clicking. Then my best friend got the […] Read More

May 22 – I Vs We

3:143 – I Vs We #faithbites #faithjourney we As a Libertarian, I believe that I should be able to do anything I want as long as it doesn’t interfer with your right to do whatever […] Read More

Seek Clarification
May 21 – Clarification Please

3:142 – Clarification Please #faithbites #faithjourney clarification Have you ever misunderstood someone? Read into a social media post wrong? Thought someone meant something when they didn’t. Have you sought clarification? I had a colleague today […] Read More

May 20 – It Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

3:141 – If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes #faihbites #faithjourney changes In chemistry and physics, a closed system at rest will stay at rest until something changes. Change the temperature, increase the pressure, add something to […] Read More

May 19 – What Is Normal?

3:140 – What Is Normal? #faithbites #faithjourney normal I hear people saying they want to get back to normal. That this isn’t a good life. If we get back to normal everything will be better. […] Read More

May 18 – Something To Look Forward To

3:139 – Something To Look Forward To #faithbites #faithjourney Something The days are getting longer, both literally (summer) and figuratively (COVID-19 quarantine). I have noticed not only in my own demeanor but in others, tiredness, […] Read More